Cheerleading & Performance Cheer Coaches Credentialing

The ICU Coaches Skill Credentialing Program has been created for cheerleading and performance cheer coaches around the world to enhance their coaching abilities. It is meant to encourage coaches to learn and improve their skills by regularly testing and receiving feedback from experienced facilitators. The goal of the ICU is to increase the knowledge of safe and reputable technical standards, in order to safely promote growth of the sport.

The ICU CSC Program is for any and all cheerleading and performance cheer coaches worldwide.

Experienced and trained cheerleading and performance cheer professionals in each region administer the ICU CSC Program. They are selected based on their coaching experience, integrity, and unbiased commitment to coaches education.


  • Globally accepted coaching credential
  • Recognized by the IOC
  • Valid for club and school programs

As the Sport of Cheer continues to evolve, new and active coaches must remain committed to their education. This means understanding the basic techniques in each level, in each discipline. With this foundation, coaches can safely challenge their athletes as their technique, strength, and abilities progress. The ICU Coaches Skill Credential also provides employers with a sense of confidence in the credentialed coach, as each participant must pass online and in person practical exams to demonstrate understanding of the foundational aspects of their discipline at each level.

Each global region has local credentialing facilitators. They will administer the program under the direct supervision of the ICU. Detailed online records are maintained, and both hard copy and electronic options are available for the awarded certificates. Please contact the director below to be connected with your local facilitator.


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