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Dear ICU National Federations:

With the overwhelming global support and progress of the ICU, we are pleased to announce that the International Cheer Union ("ICU") has successfully submitted the ICU's 2011 SportAccord Formal Application for Membership of Cheer; adhering to SportAccord's 10 October 2010 deadline for their review.

As many of you know, the ICU has well surpassed the number of SportAccord federation membership documents required by SportAccord; and we very much thank ALL National Federation Members for the past overwhelming response in providing required support documents from each of your countries. As the ICU continues to work with all International Sport Authorities, and as new members also continue to join the ICU from around the world; please note that the ICU will be in contact with each National Federation if any additional information is required In the meantime, we look forward to providing updates on our 2011 Sportaccord International Cheer Union application as the information becomes available to us, and we also congratulate all ICU National Federations for your progress in the promotion of our sport around the world!

If you have any questions regarding SportAccord or need any additional assistance at anytime, please contact us at your convenience. Thank you once again for all you do for the youth in your countries, and thank you for your support of the ICU.

Yours in Sport,

Karl Olson

Secretary General, International Cheer Union

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